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Prayer Request: Going nowhere Prayer Request: Going nowhere

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Going nowhere (Nov 1, 2017)

Prayer Request:
Lord Jesus, I'm worn down, tired, I look horrible, feel horrible, I'm drained, and I'm not satisfied, I feel like I have been stuck in this current season way past time, and I am asking for your help to move out and past this season, Lord, I have some orders that need your assistance on and you know which ones they are, will you please allow those orders get supernaturally fixed and corrected, on their own, and I need some financial blessings for my high priced school loan which keeps coming due on a monthly basis, I know you can provide and will provide, in your name Jesus I pray amen I look and feel much older than I am, and I feel beaten down, to the point I can no longer tolerate this extreme heavy load I am carrying, and I need your help Jesus, thank you, amen, I feel my life is headed no where, I have no friends, no real family, the ones I do have, could care less about me all they want is money, and its gotten very old. I keep getting attacked with images of my first wife who I do not want a relationship with, and have no interest in getting involved with her, I am seeking answers Jesus, and I know you can provide me with what I seek, in your name Jesus I pray amen Please do not take this as complaining, that's not my intention, I am humbling myself to you God as best as I know how, in Jesus name I pray amen