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Prayer Request: Healing/Reconceliation/Growth Prayer Request: Healing/Reconceliation/Growth

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Healing/Reconceliation/Growth (May 27, 2018)

Prayer Request:
Praises. I pray for diving healing of this relationship. Bring us back together with strength and reconceliation. Help us to grow and establish strength past the issues we have encountered, or may in the future. Heal us thoroughly, strengthen us past any personal issues we have, causing conflict or confusion between us or within ourselves. Give us emotional stability between us. Help us to better understand one another and be aware of how to pursue one another intentionally as well as how to give one another the space we need. Bring us back together in a powerful way. Let us know You bless us and want us to succeed. Help me to best support him and him me with no reservations or fear. Help us to move past conflicts and misunderstanding of the past. Give us wisdom, clarity of mind and the energy to pursue one another successfully. Bless and keep us. I separately uplift my family, their health, prosperity and growth. I uplift a friend and her health. Heal her, let her feel Your presence. I uplift a families situation. Bring them to higher ground. Let them feel Your presence and understand their journey. I uplift mine as well as this mans goals. Give us success and stability. Bring us together through our goals. Give me clarity of mind and energy to be successful. I pray for relief from superstitious thought. I uplift a marriage. Heal them thoroughly. Bring them back together. Let them be an example. Heal all those negatively affected. Amen.